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Fortunately more GP’s, midwives and obstetricians are recognising and diagnosing SPD. It is usually diagnosed from your own description of your symptoms. They may also exam you to look at the stability, movement and pain in your pelvic area. Once diagnosed you should be immediately referred to a physiotherapist who has experience dealing with SPD.

A birth plan can help you during Labour hire. Write one before hand explaining briefly what SPD is and how it affects you. (i.e. SPD is pain in the joints of the pelvis caused by pregnancy. I cannot lie on my back or walk without crutches). Measure your pain free gap (taken by lying on your back with your knees bent and measuring how far you can open your legs without pain) this distance should not be exceeded during delivery and should be considered particularly during an epidural or instrumental delivery when you may not have control over your legs. Include your wishes for pain relief both during labour and postnatally.

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Recent research by David Alan Stapp (2010) has suggested that non-conformist religious emigrants had left Lincolnshire for Holland in the early 17th century. It could be that the name Doughty was Affordable labour made more Dutch in pronunciation leading to DOTY or DOTEN spellings. It could be that Edward DOTY was descended from an English family who had emigrated earlier.

No….training like a pro means having the right mental attitude, it means you need to be serious about your goals, it’s more than an extra curriculum activity, it’s like having a 2nd job, that’s how serious you need to be.

The answer to this is “possibly”! Surnames for “commoners” were, in all probability, introduced to England by the Normans. Locals would have known each other by their trades or appearances so their fellow villagers may have spoken of John the miller, John the carpenter, John the little or John by the field to differentiate between them.

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