Holidays are over but is your body is still sleeping too long? Getting to school late the first few weeks of frazzles the best of us. There could be a million reasons a late arrival to school occurs, just make sure it’s not because you weren’t awake in time! Leave enough time to allow for a train, a traffic jam, or cattle crossing. My mother said I should never be late because it implied that I was more important than others. With these words engrained in my mind, I do not DO late!

Even as I write this, I am a student of each of these steps. How’s this for a story: I’m sitting in a friend’s backyard and these words are flowing forth. I stopped writing to take a brief moment to enjoy the breeze and reflect on how to illustrate opening oneself up. Suddenly the breeze kicked up and the pages of my Women’s Prayer Journal surrendered to the wind. Before long, my friend’s white cat had followed the wind across the backyard and into my lap. Not bad for only having written the two words: “open up.” I suppose it can be described in another pair of words: loosen up!

A prayer journal is a little different than a regular diary type journal. Although, it is very easy to intertwine the two (I do). The idea behind the prayer journal is to focus on your conversations with God. Daily, write down the prayers you offer up to Him, including praises, desires, and hurts. You are basically writing letters to God and keeping up with them. In fact, you can even write your entries in letter form. The point is to keep up with what you are saying to Him. Though it is very important to write down any prayer requests, the idea is to encompass that but to go beyond that.

Allergies in dogs are often times only seasonal. Simply being observant will clue you in to the time of year your dog suffers from allergies the most. During these seasons, simply be proactive. Visit your veterinarian and come up with a plan to combat whatever your dog is allergic to, before your dog begins having problems.

As far as the rest of the items, most party vendors seem to be pairing up Twilight New Moon birthday party ware with solid blacks which is something you can do yourself quite inexpensively. Solid black tablecloths, paper cups, and even plastic utensils can all be found at either discount party suppliers in your town or the dollar store. The dollar store is also the place to find black and crimson red crepe streamers, gold and crimson curling ribbons, and gold, black, and crimson red helium filled balloons.

Like this customer, associate only with the winners. Keep your goals a secret. It is easier to attain the mastery level when you have positive support from others. As for the negative, sleazy vampires, let them see your dreams after they materialize, not before. I find it very interesting that most recently the world is so taken up with vampire movies and TV shows. Perhaps it’s because it’s something we subconsciously recognize about ourselves.

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