Amazingly some people have been running their computer for years and have never scanned it for spyware or adaware. If you have windows popping up, applications starting or running that you did not install or maybe your homepage is now set to something you did not want, you are infected with spyware.

Skipping: Skipping unimportant words is also an interesting way of improving your reading speed. For instance, skip small words like “the”, “a”, “an”, etc. and then slowly skip other bigger words too. This will improve your speed drastically.

Malware is a virus type of software that can enter your system and cause it to malfunction a bit or totally destroy it. It can erase all of your information in a snap and it will be impossible to recover it. Everything on your computer will be gone, pictures, and resumes, taxes, anything and everything. Worst of all it can lead to identity theft because whoever sent it will have access to all your pertinent and personal information.

When you are speaking with them, they are recording the findings with notes that they make available to you if you request them. No matter how good someone’s memory is they will need a record of what you have told them. Good notes have wider implications. This generally means that they will be more meticulous in caring for you as well. Sloppiness here may well extend to clinical sloppiness and taking short-cuts.

You know the people I’m talking about. The ones who sap your energy and your strength. They only want to be with you as long as you bring some value to them. They’re always afraid they’re missing out on something. When you’re with them, they’re usually looking over your shoulder, Posteingang the room, to see who else, of more use, might be there.

It’s true that this is the easiest way, but what if you can’t reformat (as in your client says NO WAY!!!)? Do you just say “Sorry Sir, Have A Nice Day” … You won’t hear that from me, I just can’t say no to my clients (i need the money :P).

Breaking these conventions will interrupt the flow. Such distractions might be enough for the user to leave. When creating a site it is important to define all the conventions and rules that are used. Consistently following them is essential for giving the user an easy time when visiting.

Guess what, there’s only one goal for writing a resume: to impress hirers and land an interview. And if the maximum-of-two-page rule will hinder you to achieve results, what’s the point of conforming to the standards? Follow your instincts more than job market dogmas. Every applicant is unique. While religiously abiding the norms may work for many, it doesn’t mean that it will also work for you.

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