Beds jumping, dishes rattling, houses shaking were a few of the things reported by residents Tuesday afternoon during a major earthquake that impacted the eastern seaboard.

While playing with the ABA’s Vinyl Windows Virginia Squires and New York Nets as well as the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, Julius Erving won three championships, four MVP awards, and three scoring titles. He was a true ambassador of the sport and definitely made the NBA more exciting and engaging for fans.

You can also have the exciting sport available in High Definition in the cab or on the roof of your RV. This was the case for Dale and Rita who were both serious NASCAR fans. Fortunately there was no tension between the two, because they both supported Dale Junior, the son of the late Dale Earnhardt, also known as ‘The Intimidator.’ They had actually met each other in the infield at Talladega in the early 1990’s and they hit it off immediately.

ADVICE: IF you think you are entitled to something from your work computer – don’t email it to your self, or download it. ASK FIRST. The above happens ALL THE TIME and I am amazed by it really. If you have personal files, tell someone and let them know you are removing them. Don’t take everything.

An elegance of language adorns the book. Billy opens his story by noting “My life has been filled with my share of dirges and plainsongs.” Billy describes a period of turmoil as “…my soul hydroplaning on the back roads of memory…” (p. 299) and the glories of autumn as like an explosion in a paint factory “…and all of that paint fell on the trees…” (p. 33). The beautiful words are delightfully appropriate for a character who lives so close to nature and music.

John U. Bacon, an author and former professor at the University of Michigan is author of the current bestselling book, “Three and Out,” a chronicle of the Rodriguez year in Ann Arbor, and he feels Rodriguez will succeed at Arizona.

Unlike those from the UK, these beetles’ trip to America is not with a warm welcome. If you do think you’ve detected Agrilus planipennis, feel free to contact the United States Department of Agriculture.

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