You don’t need much to start an event planning business, and this means that event planners are a dime a dozen in a crowded city. Competition is fierce and you have to offer something unique lest the bigger, more established groups of event planners gobble you up.

[What] Americans have done for over 200 years [is reinvent] ourselves. And to spur on more success stories… we’ve begun to reinvent our energy policy. We’re not just handing out money. Although if you’d gotten in line about a year and a half ago, we had bags of it ready.

Last weekend, I spent catching up on lesson plans. Each week takes approximately 45 minutes of typing, writing, correcting, and proofreading. Before that, I need at least three hours of procrastination time thinking about the chore ahead. Yup, when you are a substitute teacher, lesson plans are usually left for you at the teacher’s desk or picked up at the main office before going to the classroom. If the general Employment teacher is kind, (like mine was when I subbed) they will leave you something easy that the kids can do quietly on their own. There exists little teaching involved; a substituted teacher in most cases, is there to maintain the peace. And the paperwork? It goes by the wayside.

If you were fired, a reference check to your previous employer will undoubtedly reveal the truth so don’t bother lying. Briefly explain that you were let go from your previous job but that you have learned from your mistakes and are ready to move forward. Keep your explanation short and to the point. Above all, resist the urge to speak badly about your former boss or employer. Nothing sends up a red flag faster than a prospective employee who appears angry and vindictive.

Marketing Tool. A book is a vital component of an effective marketing plan. Once your book is done, you’ll no doubt sit down and brainstorm with your coaching team, targeting people and places to send complimentary copies for reviews and publicity. This can be an exciting, idea-popping process, and can go a long way towards the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan for your core business.

But both cases are fraught with danger. First, a young consumer, being financially immature and sometimes being unable to evaluate adequately their financial abilities, could damage the credit of the person that helps them with a card. Second, any financial misstep can hurt a young person’s credit score.

Another mistake you are probably making is playing the wrong cards from the wrong positions. Did you know that you should be playing different types of cards from the blinds, early, middle, late and cutoff positions?

Life gave Mama its wonders and hardships, its opportunities and challenges, and its surprises and disappointments. No doubt, she embraced them all with acceptance and firm resolve.

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