Many dog owners are faced with misbehaving pets, and if you’re facing dog behavioral problems, it’s advisable to act immediately. If bad behavior is allowed to continue, you will only end up with a bigger dog and consequently bigger problems on your hands. Thankfully, there are many simple techniques to implement positive changes while facing dog behavior issues in a humane and loving way.

Check your phone book and Internet to see if there are any local online dog training centers near you. There may be professional dog trainers. See if they teach basic obedience classes. Remember that you’re not looking for a someone that teaches protection dog training!

Most experts recommend that you begin leash training your Pit Bull when he is around six or seven weeks old. Usually at this age, he will have a better attention span, and will be up for walks with you.

Limit greeting time between the cat and the dog to five-minute sessions several times a day. You may need to keep your dog on a leash so it does not attempt to chase or corner the cat.

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It’s very important to know what the trainer’s approach is. If you don’t believe in punishing dogs and your trainer believes in giving corrections that are akin to punishment then you should not take a class from this particular trainer.

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