As I write this, a dear elderly friend may be taking her last breaths in the bed of a nursing home 30 miles from here. Bernice and I bonded like super-glue nine years ago when her son, who is now my favorite ex-husband, brought me home to meet his mother. You know how sometimes you meet someone and you just KNOW them … how they think, how they react, how they feel … with no need for words? That was me and Bernice.

For years I would drive out to her country home to visit her every other week. We’d laugh and pay bills and take care of business and eat lunch together. Early one morning a few months ago, her legs just collapsed right out from under her and she fell, hitting her head. When her home health aid found her, she had been lying there for at least 2 hours, blood seeping slowly from the cut on her scalp, body too weak to make itself get up.

Before choosing the right person that you will be given authority in all your directives make sure to the characteristics of the person. Trustworthy and kind, loving and caring are the characteristics your designated person must possess. توكيل بريما forms are very powerful legal forms as the assigned person will be in-charge of everything for you. And it also covered your property and money that to spend on your medical needs and necessities. Bear in mind that of you chose the wrong person to handle things for you it can be that you will end up nothing.

Sounds simple, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Turn your brain on and think about what you’re opening and why it’s being sent. Get a $10 file at an office supply store and file everything related to bills, insurance and finances. Believe it or not, you’ll probably need to look at some of this information again.

Thousands of “checks” are cashed each year without these elements and they become expensive check returns later. This is a common occurrence with sweepstakes advertisements for example. Much more serious is when these elements are manipulated to the advantage of a con artist.

Grace blesses. The Bible says the Lord blesses you continually. That blessing is grace, the divine favor of God. The Blessing was spoken over mankind in Genesis when God empowered man to ‘be fruitful, multiply and have dominion’. Now, that doesn’t mean that you are supposed to accomplish those things. There is no difference between “Light be” and “Be fruitful”. God spoke The Blessing into existence. Fruitful IS – and it is just as sure as light for any of His children who will tap into The Blessing by faith.

A big city is a great place to live. And the fact that there are luxuries such as a traveling notary when you need one is an extra bonus. When comparing the price of gas and the time involved to get your documents notarized, a traveling notary is an affordable convenience.

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