Surf vacations in Costa Rica are a great opportunity for the whole family. Even if the whole family doesn’t want to surf, there are plenty of activities in the area to keep you busy. You can surf as much or as little as you like. There are packages available that include hotel, surfing, yoga, activities, transportation and meals. Or you can keep your options open while you are in this great country. Everybody is learning to surf these days and you will be hooked that first time you glide across the waves.

Chichen Itza bus tour is also a recommended tour. Chichen Itza is declared as one of the wonders of the world and you shouldn’t miss this awesome historical landmark during your visit. It will take around two and a half hour to reach Chichen Itza from Cancun. A bus tour is highly suggested for this trip because the roads are badly damaged. An unfamiliar individual will have many issues driving through this particular road. You must choose a touring company which offers detailed information about the place along with a normal visit.

Hacienda Pinilla is about 15 minutes away from fun and surf hub, Tamarindo. You are close to first world shopping, restaurants and adventure China Tours. You are also close to other beautiful beaches as well as Reserva Conchal golf course buy a golf membership and you will have access to both world class courses.

Living in Europe and returning 20 years later, passing through on my way to Africa (Egypt) I learned more about the faith I had seen in my European neighbors, but rarely saw in my US neighbors.

Before everyone got there, and while my daughter was distracted by mom, I hid “treasure” all over the park, with directions to said treasure on maps; the maps were also hidden INSIDE the pirate ship, amidst friends and certain parents. What were they doing? They were inside the ship, in full costume, acting like real pirates.

Wales Millennium Centre: This is another excellent example of Modern day architecture. This is mainly a theatre that is known to host several performances of local artists. This place was inaugurated by the queen in 2004 and since then more than 1000 music shows and other performances have been hosted here. You can also enjoy the live performances for free but there is an entry fee for watching performances in the theatre.

Make sure to choose only legitimate providers when buying tickets to venues like The Royal Albert Hall. An online search will help you find reliable sellers.

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