So, you’re tired of the same old sayings, invitations and photos? You along with many other wedding couples want their wedding to stand apart from all others. They do not want to have the same old boring invitations, but rather something that signifies their personality. Many that have a love for motorcycles are turning to the motorcycle wedding invitations.

Wholesale Wedding Accessories. If you need accessories for the reception, go through a wholesale dealer, not a wedding supply store — you’ll save a ton.

The general look of the card will often tie in with the wedding invitation card malaysia. For instance, if your invitations were pale pink with dark brown lettering, then your escort cards should be done in the same colors. It is also nice to dress up your escort cards with any motif or monogram that you may be using in other parts of the wedding.

Postage is a big factor in the cost of wedding invitations. Instead of mailing invitations, you can hand deliver them to people in your life that you see on a regular basis. To make it special, you can say that you want to personally invite them to your wedding as you hand them the invitation. This will leave you with only the long distance invites to send out. Also, when you are handing out invitations by hand, you can be more creative and make a scroll (printed on pretty paper, rolled, and bound with a ribbon), or deliver a refrigerator magnet invite that you wouldn’t normally send through the mail.

To make your beach wedding decorations stand out, everything associated with the sea can be used, such as seashells, marbles, driftwood, star fish, sand and etc. If the wedding is in the night, the flaming tiki torches can help you make your wedding more romantic, and so do the candles.

There are many companies that provide a variety of marriage invitations that can be personalized for you and your further spouse. It may be colors, style or photos. Many couples are personalizing with photos of themselves. These give the guest a small token or gift to remember you by. Also it looks great in the shadow box that you will be making soon for your wedding memorabilia. Others choose to decorate with lace or silk ribbons to enhance their marriage invitation. Whatever your theme or style you should be able to match it with an invitation that suits you.

When it comes to the more vague terms, like “dressy casual” or “casual elegance”, things get a little trickier. In fact, they may really be telling you more about the reception than they are a hint about what to wear. (For instance, you might expect to find a buffet instead of a formal seated dinner.) I would suggest that the men wear a suit or dressy slacks and a blazer, perhaps paired with a festively colored or patterned tie. The women should just wear whatever they would normally wear to an afternoon wedding, something along the lines of a pretty day dress with pearl wedding jewelry.

Adding these items to a wedding album allows you to experience over and over, much more than just the normal photos. Although all your photos are precious and treasures to keep forever, adding the extra touches will arouse memories in you and your spouse that perhaps pictures alone can’t do.

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