More than most factors, music can shape the mood of your wedding service and reception in a really big way. This is particularly so with string quartet and instrumental ensemble music.

There are a few options when it comes to choosing the photography for your wedding. Depending on your budget you may choose to have or not have a photographer at all. If your budget allows for a photographer then ask to see their work and call the references they give. Read the contract over thoroughly and be sure you will be getting the shots you want in both color images and black and white images. Before the wedding let the photographer know what images are most important to you, such as the typical family poses or candid reception shots.

If you want to get the water works started among the crowd, look no further than the song “On Bended Knee” by Boyz II Men. This song may have sappy written all over it, but it is a song that suits the occasion to a T. Another love song that you might think is a bit melodramatic is “Back at One” by Brian McKnight. Slow dancing to these R&B tunes at a wedding is about as romantic as one can get.

Appoint the right DJ: It is also necessary that you appoint the right type of disc jockey who will be able to play the right tracks at the right time. One of the major wedding music mishaps can be when the jockey plays some stupid music which will completely degrade the esteem of the event and make it a laughing stock. In this regard it is important that you try to understand the type and nature of wedding. If it is a casual wedding, it is OK to play some fun numbers. However, if the ceremony is too formal, it is better to play some classical or formal stuff.

Haste To The Wedding by Anne Roos. Anne Roos performs Celtic music on the Celtic harp with accompanying instruments. The tracks flow in the order that music flows at a wedding. Ideal for future brides and lovers of Celtic music alike. This unique CD was recorded live in a church, without overdubbing, to give the feeling of a live ensemble performing at a wedding.

There are also times when the bride or groom plans to sing one of the wedding songs. Some people can pull this off and others find the experience far too sentimental. If you are not sure the wedding song can be sung without a breakdown by either bride or groom you can always have the song sung at the reception instead. This is often a less emotional choice.

Music is an art form. It therefore has to be expressive and should fit to the mood of the moment. In wedding and similar celebrations, the music should be lively but occasional ballads or sweet tunes have to be played to express and enhance the romantic mood for the newlyweds. The couple is the focus of the celebration. Guests come to congratulate and wish them well for their journey to the consummation of their matrimonial union. The celebration is a send-off and must therefore be full of gaiety that is what is being suggested for their married life – a full and happy relationship.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. There are many things that need to be planned and bought before the big day. Planning a beach wedding can be fun and interesting, although a couple needs to have a good plan in case of bad weather. After your outdoor gathering, your guests will remember the occasion with fond memories.