God’s own country has several small hill resorts. What looks like a small piece of land on the global map is dotted with several ecstatic hills that serve both to the religious tourists as well as to the nature explorers.

A reason for adventure travels is to get people to step beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone. They help you explore the parts of your personality that you don’t usually let show. Are you bored of sitting on your couch and daydreaming of what life could be like on the other side of the world? Have you always wanted to scale a mountain, swim with dolphins or camp out in the great outdoors of Australia or New Zealand?

Anyway, my parents and I were staying in the high village of Murren and there are a number of companies and independent guides that you can sign up with to take you paragliding in albania. Every day you see them jumping from different areas in the Swiss Alps and floating down into the lush valleys below.

Situated 500km to the east of Cape Town on the coast, the flying conditions are mild, the ridges long, and the sea is warm. A holiday atmosphere permeates everything you see, from the rich green forests, to the golden sands, from the grassed launch sites to friendly, laid-back locals. Sites like Paradise Ridge and Map of Africa are not to be missed for hours of mellow soaring in the afternoon sea breezes.

Naag Temple: This temple is located on the top of the hill and it is a famous temple. This temple attracts lots of tourists as it is 600 years old and it is a good place for excursion. You should visit this place with your new partner.

Goa Tourism is known for its tranquility and if you want you can relax in this state for months. This place is full of simple, easy-going people and tourists who would never disturb you and your reverie. You can relax at the beaches or in your rented hut and you would surely be able to attain the peace of mind that you were after.

Adventure travels were designed to get people to venture beyond their comfort zones. They help you to explore different sides of your personality that are usually hidden. Are you sick of being on your couch and fantasizing about what life could be like in another part of the world? Have you always had the desire to climb a tall mountain, hug a dolphin or camp in the Outback of Australia or New Zealand? Each of these can be achieved from you.

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