My loving wife says that since I have written quite a bit about why atheist arguments don’t work, I ought to offer my readers the positive side of the argument: my personal reasons for belief in a Deity.

As a non-Buddhist, I have followed three 10-day retreats over the years, and every time it had a huge impact on me. The daily routine is sobering for everybody who thinks he will be enlightened in a day: one sleeps in a dormitory with 20 other people who are making all kind of noises, gets up at 3.30 am and practices his first zazen session just half an hour later. Then, your stomach already starts to growl, follows a working session: making beds, cleaning floors, in short: a great remedy to bring you back to the real world. Finally, around 8.30 am, you are rewarded with a bowl of rice. You look at it and dream about bacon and eggs.

“Healing is so easy”, declares Swedish born Arne Rantzen, “that it is really difficult!” He is an international teacher and founder of the Unlimited Body healing modality. For a moment he cannot continue, because he is laughing too hard at this cosmic joke.

Stopping is something we don’t do nearly enough. It’s the first and most important step to being mindful because it helps us break the trance of automation that comes from mindless occupation. Instead of telling ourselves “don’t just sit there, do something!” Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, a founder of the “engaged zen meditation baltimore” movement, recommends we tell ourselves the exact opposite: “Don’t just do something, sit there!” Bells of mindfulness are cues that can help us stop and return to the present moment. Audible reminders such as the ringing of the telephone or non-audible reminders like walking through a doorway can be prompts for our practice. Bells of mindfulness can be anything we choose.

Kitchen cabinets also play an important role in enhancing the overall beauty of house. A trendy kitchen would add to the decor. People also view the kitchen as the lady’s place of living and thus a clean kitchen is considered as a measure of one’s good household. Even in the olden days when the in laws went to the girl’s house, to meet her for the first time they insisted on inspecting the kitchen to view that how much the girl is good at house hold. In lofts the kitchens are small and at the same plane as the rest of the living space. In this case they become very important because they are visible from every place and it is necessary to give it a good look to see the decor.

Varanasi (also known as Benares) is in India. The city and the Ganges River which runs through it are holy to Hindus. Many pilgrims come not just to visit this city, they come to die here, believing that this allows them to enter heaven.

The purpose of our bodies is to enjoy and express our perfection, and to have a security system, reminding us when we make judgments, so that we can always get back to our perfect health.

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