Long ago if you wanted to profess your love for someone you wrote them a love letter. You poured out your heart and soul, sent it by mail and waited for a reply. Now, technology has made it possible for you to send off a message of love by email and text.

Sad Love Status – “Being gentle means forgiving yourself when you mess up. We should learn from our mistakes, but we shouldn’t beat the tar out of ourselves over them. The past is just that, past. Learn through Sad Quotes what went wrong and why. Make amends if you need to. Then drop it and move on.

May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy and enough money to buy me gifts.

Take the construction paper and cut out many, many hearts or other loving symbols. The idea is to gather enough paper at the beginning to cut enough hearts to cover the wall space of an entire room. It doesn’t have to be a small room, but a room none the less.

Reaction – after an important event within the community, you can trawl the forums to measure people’s reactions. This is among the common forms of news writing derived from forums. For instance, you may like to write about the reaction to Martine Scorsese’s Oscar victory, the Colts’ Super Bowl triumph or the election race. The list is endless. You would report on good and bad reaction or even make them into separate articles.

The quote cites the importance of letting go. This quote implies the fact that, Instead of being possessive and controlling a relationship, it is better to let go. It is, indeed, painful to let go but not as much painful as being in a relationship with no trust and intimacy. But if your love is true, he/she will definitely come back to you. But if it doesn’t, means there was no love between you.

Even though romantic quotes are sweet, you can make your gift even more special by using free love poems as well. Sometimes nothing can be more romantic and heart-melting than a love quote with a love poem to complete the perfection.

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