The President is delaying approval of the giant keystone pipeline from Canada to Texas. The Canadian Prime Minister is in China looking for another buyer for the oil that would go down the pipe to Texas. Alternative energy companies are failing. Europe is falling apart with economic problems. What does it all add up to? A U.S. oil and gas boom, soon. Why?

These are the people who are in the union loop, and count on union clout on union jobs to get hired. They are not the welders who are knocking on the door to join the union in tough times. These welders would never work a non-union job. These guys are so well connected, that as long as they can strike an arc they’ll be working as much as they want to.

A pipe welding student learns a lot of good stuff. Unfortunately, most of it won’t be used and won’t make them a dollar. The ONE THING that will make that pipe student money is getting good at the hand-eye skill of Read more. It is too bad, but the average pipe student won’t get enough practice in to certify 6G, much less to become a great pipe welder.

If you can, that is a God-given talent. Very few talents are gotten by just popping out of mama. Singing is one of the few. Most talents can be achieved to a “World Class” level, by anyone with average skills. This was not always thought to be the case. However, recent brain studies prove it is true. If you have average eye-hand abilities, you can be a World Class pipe welder, with enough critical practice. Critical practice is where you take your abilities to the edge every time you practice.

Set up like it says. Set up your welder like it says. Now, doing what the Talent Code taught you, practice until you’re an ace pipe welder. Yes, you CAN do this. Look, have you ever seen a 3 or 5 year-old child play the piano or violin like a master? How do they do that? Read the talent code, but it is like this: Mommy and Daddy started them holding and playing with the violin when they were 3 days old (no kidding). By the time they are 3 or 5, they have thousands of hours of critical (difficult and on the edge of their ability) practice logged in. You can do the same thing.

Why not Minot, (North Dakota)? You’ll find out. Just be sure you take every warm piece of clothing you ever got in your life (and ask your mom for your baby blanket back too). Why? because you’ll be putting it all on at one time. Temperatures can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit, BELOW zero. North Dakota isn’t the only place there is work or will soon be work. The big pipeline from Canada to Texas will start up soon, and you are likely to see demand for pipe welders explode.

Wages have gone down during the slow down. Not that long ago a “rig welder” (a welder with a welding machine on a truck) in Alberta, Canada would average $330,000 a year, but times are hard, so it is roughly half that much now. Off-shore oil rigs employing 6G welders are paying about $100k a year right now.

They won’t pay you much to start, and they’ll have you doing grunt work, even though you are certified. Slowly, they’ll allow you to weld more and more, and eventually, they’ll pay you well to weld. After as little as one year, you may want to strike out on your own, and you can do the billing at $100 an hour or more. Where will your friends be? They’ll still be taking basic welding classes.

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