The Groom And His Accessories

The use of the bow tie dates back to the 17th century when men would use a cloth around their neck intended to keep the collar of their shirts from coming apart and showing the neck. Since this was mainly the practice of men from the upper class, wearing a bow tie became associated with the rich and powerful and thus became a status symbol. As the bow tie evolved, different materials were used to create bowties and people began having them created to fit the specific size of their necks. This was the beginning of bow ties in different sizes and lengths.

If your whole selection of outerwear consists of solid grays, browns and navies, try to reach outside your comfort zone a little bit this fall. Look for a patterned jacket– there will be lots of great ones to choose from. For a Jean Paul Gautier inspired look, try a white and black horizontally striped jacket. For a more subtle pattern that matches anything, look for herringbone. If you do prefer solid colored jackets, select one with interesting military-inspired accents, such as a belted waist, brass buttons and shoulder epaulets.

Tis the season for the annual holiday parties and last week was overflowing with end of the year festivals. First up, “a sweet event” for Chelsea Taylor and Ooh La La Candy at Gansevoort Hotel Park Ave. The pretty in pink theme event took place at the presidential suite. For the first in many events, an unlimited amount of champagne was served. Ooh La La Candy’s stand featured nostalgic hard candies like Mike & Ikes and Rascals. Disappointingly, there were no decadent cakes or mouthwatering chocolates. Chelsea Taylor previewed their 2011 collection, which featured lots of radiant colors of Swaovski crystals on charms and rings. Like most events of this natural, it was pretty blah but the finger food was a plus and the endless drinks, a delight.

Yes, if you think it matters. In times past, it was considered poor etiquette to specify what someone has to wear. However, nowadays, it is perfectly commonplace to include details about desired clothing accessories like black ties, Wooden lapels, dresses, or male formal wear like tuxedos and suits. You can bar certain clothing too, if you want. It used to be a formal restriction to not mention it, but nowadays it’s very popular to mandate the clothing. People like creating an environment that’s to their liking. Other people understand that.

Add a couple of tablespoons of water, depending on the amount of rice, and cover the bowl with plastic wrap, heat in the microwave until the topped is domed, signifying optimum fluffiness. At the same time, take your bag of favorite frozen veggies, throw them into a hot pan with a light coating of olive oil and “fry” them until they are defrosted.

That large serving of cheesy garlic (or regular) mashed potatoes that you just couldn’t seem to finish last night? Now it can become a simple and hearty meal for the next day.

By keeping all clothes away from the tobacco smell and smoking outside, you reduce most (but not all) of the smoke odor. This will give you one more edge over non-smokers. And this may help you get that job!

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