Recycle your old electronics to different vendors. There are different companies that are willing to pay you good money for these electronics. Some of the companies that buy electronics for cash are Cellitused, Wal-Mart, and there are many others. You can search the web for other companies that give cash for you old electronics. Keep in mind that your electronics are used so you will not get what you paid for it but it will get some cash if it meets the conditions of the company. The conditions are based on the wear and tear of the product and other requirements. Check with the dealer for more detailed information.

Do Not Settle on One or the Other: Lets say that you are in your 30s; it might not be 20 or even 30 more years before you retire. If you were always contributing to your retirement account through automatic payroll deductions, go ahead and keep doing so. You have plenty of time. If you are getting close to retirement keep limiting your purchases, but focus on both debt and retirement. You can’t retire if you are in debt and you can’t retire if you don’t have money saved. Don’t stop contributing to your 401k to put money towards your debt relief quest. It will be hard, but try to focus on both at the same time.

While the accounting department has an easier time to track and catch mistakes before the payroll is due, mistakes still happen. An employee may have worked overtime and it was not calculated. With the weekly payroll, the employee will get the money in the next check. However, with the bi-weekly pay system, he has to wait two weeks.

This also means you can still use the car during your loan period. This is a great money option for people looking for loans for bad credit. When you put your car title up, no credit check is run.

Debt Consolidation – If you have a lot of debt, your best bet may be a debt consolidation loan. This will enable you to make payroll jobs one monthly payment instead of a dozen different payments. The key here is to resist the temptation to rack up additional debt.

Oh and 1 more thing, when you list the companies you’ve worked for, please explain what they do. OK, we’ve all heard of Walmart but don’t assume the recruiter knows about every company.

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The power of leverage comes down to a mutually symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits and wins in the end. Remember this daily mantra: don’t work harder – work smarter!

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