I love movies and I love playing video games. And even though I’m not a fourteen year old or a retiree, I take my movie watching and gaming very seriously. That being said, these activities need to be done on the proper kind of TV.

I went for a wired USB mouse this time around to negate any effects of having to get up and find batteries for a mouse that’s losing power, and it’s working out great for those long gaming sessions. Upon first inspection, the outside of the mouse comes in a nice wispy, cloudy, urban camo design. It’s patterned with different shades of grays with the occasional white peeking through. It’s a visually pleasing package wrapped in an ergonomic oval shape with a total of ten programmable buttons.

Having the software installed on your PC allows you to watch over 180 games for the entire season. Honestly, I never expected to get high quality video and audio. I thought by watching the streaming games I could only access to a low quality video and audio. The reason might be because on these days the internet connection runs in high speed. So accessing this software would not be a problem at all as long as users have a reliable internet connection.

Additionally, there are also other portals that follow these same features as the official store. The only difference is that they are more lenient with their operations and thus, they are more flexible. Still they are still fee-based so you still need to prepare games stream some cash.

Decade costumes are fun for groups to wear together. You can find tons of costume ideas – including 1920s flappers and gangsters, 1950s poodle skirts and leather jackets, 1960s and 70s flower power attire, and 1980s Valley kid clothes.

The newest Vtech gaming system is the V-Motion Active Learning System, which has even been named as one of the Hot Toys for Christmas 2008. The V-Motion system works with a wireless controller that forces the kids to move around to move the characters on the screen. The V-Motion system accepts all V-Tech Smartridges so games from the V.Smile system can be used with this system. The V-Motion Active Learning System retails for $69.99.

Fans can catch all of the basketball games tonight on Cox Cable channels 25 (ESPN), 26 (ESPN2) and 1319 (ESPNU HD). Also, games can be viewed online to those who have the free ESPN3/WatchESPN service in their area.

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