Google’s Chrome Cloud Vs Apple’s Icloud

We (okay most of us) remember what is was like to work before cell phones. Running.. running to grab the phone on your desk, running to pick up your voice messages or running to grab a phone at the airport the minute you got off the plane. Cell phones freed us from being tethered to the office. You can work from anywhere, at anytime. And for smart phone users, you have email, calendars & contacts with you at all times. Yes, its ubiquitous, but none of us want to go back.

In this article I will try to help you understand this real concept so you’ll have an idea of how it works and how you can get involved. The truth is that we are already involved at this very moment and don’t realize it.

Cloud hosting is a somewhat new web hosting solution, though cheapest office 365 practices have been in use for more than three decades. And while there may be some minute security issues, they are no more prevalent than what you would find in a shared hosting account. The true upside here is the ability for your web site to access its resources over multiple servers.

You may also want to have a larger storage space in your work email. You can may extra every month to have the service of a larger account. While many normal personal accounts are fine with just the standard storage space, a company may need to have more room for many messages.

Mint – There are tons of finance apps available that focus on budget tracking. Few are as popular as Mint, which allows users to manage multiple financial accounts from one simple user interface. With user-friendly features and no price tag, there is little wonder why this app has so many users.

Today you would not need to have a copy on your hard drive because Microsoft would have a copy stored on their Windows Cloud server already installed and ready to use. You would simply login to your Windows Cloud account and begin to use Word there.

With the release of the Droid, Microsoft may have missed its last chance. Android 2.0 is an open-source operating system, meaning anybody with the know-how can create and market an app for it. And soon Android 2.0 will be on more smartphones.

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Google’s Chrome Cloud Vs Apple’s Icloud

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