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<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>__cout____squarer__companyname__squarel____cout__</strong></em> offers Reflexology services.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Reflexology is a healing art based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet (and hands) which correspond to every part of the body, including the major organs.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>During a reflexology session, pressure is exerted on specific points on the body, especially the feet. This pressure induces an extreme relaxation response which normalizes the body’s internal functions; helps relieve tension; alleviates stress, anxiety and pain; and improves nerve function and blood supply throughout the body.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>The therapist stimulates and works on the organs and systems through the reflex points, applying varying degrees of pressure to the feet with thumb and fingers. It is essentially an incredibly effective foot massage technique, derived from ancient healing arts, which benefits the entire body.</strong></em></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Depending on the physical issues that need to be addressed, pressure is exerted on specific points. Each pressure point relates to different functions and organs of the body. The entire body participates and acts in unison, in response to deep pressure information from the bottoms of the feet. Each foot has more than 7,000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>By using foot reflexology, you can create positive changes in the digestive, reproductive, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, lymphatic, endocrine, skeletal and urinary systems.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Regular reflexology appointments will keep your systems cleansed and balanced. This will reduce sickness and stress, and improve your overall well-being.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>Reflexology can aid in successfully treating disorders including:</strong></em></p>

<ul style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>
<li>Sinus problems</li>
<li>Hormone imbalances</li>
<li>Digestive problems</li>
<li>Circulatory problems</li>
<li>Back problems</li>
<li>Symptoms of PMS</li>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>Our therapists also provide Thai Reflexology Foot Massage.</strong></em></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Thai Foot Massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet that involves hands-on stretching and massage to “open” Sen (energy) Lines, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. Thai Foot Massage stimulates these points to promote general health and well-being.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>The benefits of a Thai Reflexology Massage:</strong></em></p>

<ul style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>
<li>Improved circulation and toxin removal</li>
<li>Stimulated lymphatic drainage and immune system boost</li>
<li>Reduced stiffness and improved flexibility</li>
<li>Accelerated physical healing</li>
<li>Stress relief</li>
<li>Improved sleep</li>
<li>Clarity of mind</li>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>Your Thai foot reflexology massage starts with soaking your feet in hot water infused with 100% Chinese herbs for detox. As you soak, the toxins are drawn out through your feet and ankles. While your feet are soaking, you will receive vigorous massage of your head, neck, shoulders, back, and hands.</strong></em></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>When the therapist has completed this massage, your feet will be removed from the little tub, one by one, and treated to a wonderful, relaxing, healing foot massage. As each foot is completed, it will be wrapped in a little towel to keep it warm and dry.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>After the massage, we highly recommend drinking plenty of water to help facilitate the continued release and elimination of toxins, and the rebalancing of Qi (pronounced “chee”) (which means “positive energy”).</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong><em>If you’re interested in trying a unique and holistic treatment for various aches, pains, and stresses, try our Reflexology or Thai Foot Massage at __squarer__phone__squarel__.</em></strong></p>
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