The Number One Article Marketing Tip

The wonderful thing about ecommerce is that everyone has an outlet for getting heard now. The negative thing is that we, the audience, are barraged by a lot of junk.

“All You Need Is Love” was written in 1969. It’s such a simple song with simple lyrics, but it is an anthem that simply states, “All you need is love.” Call me crazy, but that’s all I want. This song reminds me that there are people that think the same way, and that want to spread the same message.

If you’re promoting a cake recipe, record yourself baking the cake. If you’re promoting a basketball video, record yourself doing the drills. If you’re promoting a workout video, record yourself doing the workout. This is the power of YouTube, and it’s something that you can do simply and easily.

To me it’s like this: You could either do leg extensions and curls forever to build up your legs (good luck!) Or you can do squats and lunges and get the results (WAY BETTER RESULTS IN 1/10TH THE TIME).

I think that in the modern music era, you want to be good, but also a little rough around the edges. That projects humanity. Forget doing five takes until your size of youtube thumbnail is perfectly right. Gary Veynerchuk built Wine Library TV on imperfection. Nobody wants you to be perfect because they know they aren’t either.

Ironically, these compositions were of the same scope and difficulty Levy would write for his growing crop of students at then Towson State University. Jim McFalls allowed that Towson State did not allow Hank much of a budget in those days. With the inability to purchase music his students could play, he began composing charts in earnest. Subsequently, many of Levy’s best compositions were borne out of a necessity to give his students challenging, yet learnable scores with which to hone their skills.

If you do these few things, the people on your list will naturally and subconsciously believe you’re an expert in your niche. The next step will be to make your content so intriguing that they want more of what of what you teach. When that happens, your business will explode!

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The Number One Article Marketing Tip

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