Top 10 Best Selling Iphone Apps

App marketing is a tricky business. Most of you already know this. Go on, put your hand up if you’re an app developer and you’ve spent countless hours (and an unfathomable amount of dollars!) writing content about your amazing app. You might well have blasted out a gazillion press releases to app review sites and the likes, and crashed so many forums that you can’t remember what you posted where, but still your app sales are bumping along in single figures each week.

Understanding design types for making an iPhone app will prove to be very useful. Once you understand the different design types they will assist you in your decision making for the programming stages. The style of game or app will dictate the kind of programming or programmer that will be needed. Programming is where the magic happens. This is where making an iPhone app starts to come to life. You now will be able to see how the ideas you have had running around in your mind will look on a screen. Programming is also the time and place to tweak or make any changes you may have. Now the excitement is really starting to take charge at this stage because, right before your eyes you see what once was only an idea is now rapidly morphing into a visible reality and becoming something awesome.

As the mobile app count passed a million mark, 2011 has been a great year for the smartphone users. Apple released some exciting products such as iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for the iOS and for Android a plethora of devices were launched that include Amazon’s Kindle Fire. As an app reviewer, I have listed a few iPhone apps, which I think could make an impact in 2012.

It doesn’t have to be a full blown TV commercial. Advertising your app over the radio might help since radio jocks do have a significant fan base. Give the station a call and maybe they will let you talk about your app on the air. You never know who might be tuned in.

All this will be covered in the most effective tutorials that show you how to make an Apple application. There are plenty of programs available but be cautious that you choose one that is straight forward and takes you step-by-step throughout the mechanisms for developing your application. The very best program will allow you to convert your concept into a live application on the App Store in as little as 30 days. That’s right, within just 4 weeks, you can start earning cash from your application.

Submit to blogs: There are many mobile app marketing sites and review sites. Submit your app to as many sites as possible. You can avail these services at a cheap cost, if not free. If they demand money for publishing, please find whether they would provide links to your app’s iTunes page and more importantly your website.

Now many webmasters are constantly spinning their wheels to rank for this and rank for that. They are watching the metrics, tracking the numbers, counting the leads they receive one by one. This is all well and good. Honestly, it is. But this pursuit should never lose sight of what is really important, the end user experience.

As you can see, there is no need to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy the best Google’s Android has to offer. You can get the same experience with the budget HTC Explorer.

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Top 10 Best Selling Iphone Apps

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