Your Diamond Necklace Says That You Care

If you are here reading this, you have probably fallen victim to an extremely addictive game in the past. You know what I mean. Those ones that keep you in front of your computer for hours at a time trying to beat your previous score that seems next to impossible.

This 17 seconds law of attraction and manifestation technique has worked for me quite a few number of times. Once a friend of mine got lost at the airport. I tried hard to find him but just couldn’t. It seemed no one had seen a man of his physical description in the airport premises. After looking around a lot, I stood where I was, closed my eyes and visualized finding this friend for 17 seconds. I imagined all the happy moments I had spent with this friend and got lost in the visualization. Soon enough, one of the airport officials said he had seen my friend and helped me track him!

Since my Benguet is a basket of produce and fresh picks, I am quite excited to go back to the trading post. The trading post is the weekly, even daily gathering of farmers, sellers and produce bidders in the province. Lots of tourists also take a look at the place, especially the ones going back to Manila. It s quite a rush to have some fantastic finds and bargains with fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, I’ve got one more summertime culprit to warn you about. It’s a handy little fungus that grows in mulch. Actually there are all kinds of fungi that tend to grow in mulches, and most of them are really disgusting looking. But this little GSI vs. GIA is unique in the fact that as it grows it tends to swell. Then somehow it manages to explode, and it will spatter your house with tiny brown specks. The experts have appropriately named this one “Shotgun Fungus”. Isn’t that a cute name?

FI can be planned, when you are not prepared for it. For example, people looking at you when you are walking down the street; when you are traveling; when you are just passing through a place, you are at a place where people around you hardly matters to you etc.

Of course you want to invest time and energy into a healthy, beautiful body. But meanwhile, don’t let your own issues with your body drive him away. You deserve all the fabulous man-attention as he wants to give you!

Note: As readers are well aware, Boston lost lives and incurred over 200 injuries because of the bombings of Apr. 15, and an officer lost his life in the days that followed. If you’d like to contribute to the One Fund, your gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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Your Diamond Necklace Says That You Care

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